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The Riverfield funds range includes long-only funds managed on a discretionary basis, each with a specific focus and strategy. The Funds are part of the Luxembourg-registered Riverfield SICAV.

Riverfield SICAV is a public limited company (société anonyme) incorporated on 23rd April 2018 under the laws of Luxembourg as an investment company with variable share capital (société d'investissement à capital variable). It is subject to Part I of the Luxembourg law of 17th December 2010 relating to undertakings for collective investment, as amended or supplemented from time to time.

Riverfield SICAV has been authorised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), the Luxembourg supervisory authority of the financial sector, and was included in the official list of undertakings for collective investment with effect from 17th May 2018. Authorisation by the CSSF does not require the latter to approve or disapprove either the adequacy or accuracy of the Prospectus or the portfolio of assets held by the Fund. Any declaration to the contrary should be considered as unauthorised and illegal.

Riverfield SICAV is a single legal entity incorporated as an umbrella fund comprised of separate Sub-Funds. The Fund is registered with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register under number B223987. The Articles of Association were published on the Recueil électronique des sociétés et associations (RESA), the central electronic platform of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg on 4th May 2018.



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The firm's flagship global equity fund was launched in February 2002 and over the years has received several top awards and gradings. The fund seeks to identify businesses with proven track records and high levels of predictability (“Serial Earners”) and is run with the mindset of the long-term oriented business owner.


The Fund was launched in November 2009 and invests globally in listed Real Estate and Infrastructure companies, across the whole spectrum of both sectors. Thanks to its direct link to income producing real assets, the Fund combines a recurring yield profile with long term inflation protection.


This Fund was also launched in November 2009 and is a long-only, conservative macro fund which brings together five fundamental discretionary themes (current income generators, long-term growth trends, inflation protected assets, return diversifiers and volatility dampeners).

Funds launched in response either to a specific investor request or to market opportunities

Quick and efficient implementation

Long term oriented


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