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The Riverfield funds are managed by Riverfield Partners LLP, an independent investment management firm focused on long term capital growth and preservation.

To learn more about Riverfield Partners, please visit the main website here


The firm's flagship global equity fund was launched in February 2002 and over the years has received several top awards and gradings. The fund seeks to identify businesses with proven track records and high levels of predictability (“Serial Earners”) and is run with the mindset of the long-term oriented business owner. The Fund has historically had a strong commitment to Europe and may be particularly suitable for conservative European investors wishing to have broad global equity exposure, without the two-thirds weighting to North American markets implicit in mainstream global equity indices.


The Fund was launched in November 2009 and invests globally in listed Real Estate and Infrastructure companies, across the whole spectrum of both sectors. It is not constrained by a reference benchmark. Thanks to its direct link to income producing real assets, the Fund combines a recurring yield profile with long term inflation protection. To reduce currency related volatility, part of the currency exposure to non-Euro denominated investments is hedged.


This Fund was also launched in November 2009 and is a long-only, conservative macro fund which brings together five fundamental discretionary themes (current income generators, long-term growth trends, inflation protected assets, return diversifiers and volatility dampeners).

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